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Human Resource Industry

Human Resource

apnalead is our comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Human Resource Customer Relationship Management (HR CRM) involves the application of customer relationship management principles and technology to manage interactions and relationships with employees, candidates, and other stakeholders within an organization's human resources function. While HR traditionally focuses on managing employee relationships, HR CRM expands this to include prospective employees, job applicants, and even internal departments.Implementing an HR CRM can lead to improved employee satisfaction, more effective talent management, streamlined HR processes, and better communication across the organization. It also contributes to the overall enhancement of the employer brand and employee experience.


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Multi User
Lead Integration
Instant Follow Up
Admin Dashboard
Automated Leads Distribution
categories Leads
Lead Tracking
Multi Projects
Whatsapp Alerts
Team Performance
Multi Share
Current Lead Update


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Our pricing is very afforadable and suitable for startups too.